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  • A memorable stay. Every need catered for. Thank you for
    providing the best part of our stay in Ecuador. We really enjoyed it.

    Dave & Chris MELTON
    1P4 3LS, UK

  • Thank you for a delightful stay, your good company and excellent conversation. We hope to see you again soon.

    Michael & Carolyn PORTILLO
    London, UK

  • Now that we are back I just wanted to thank you both for everything, we had a truly wonderful trip and loved our short stay with you, and will be back next year. With best wishes to you both.

    Alex, The Viscount BRIDPORT
    Geneva, Switzerland.

  • Many thanks to you and your whole family for a wonderful visit. We were treated as friends, as special guests. You were a major reason why we have so many wonderful memories of your country, and hope to return in the future.

    Jim & Marie SEDER
    Milwaukee, WI, USA

  • Wonderful hospitality, wonderful cooking and nice atmosphere. Thank you !

    Boderick HENNEY
    Catriona MacDonald HENNEY
    Chislehurst, Kent, UK

  • Thank you for a wonderful stay at your beautiful Hacienda, and your warm welcome.

    Zeev MOZES
    Petach-Tikva, Israel

  • Beautiful house and a lovely welcome. A PERFECT end to a perfect 2 weeks in Ecuador.

    Martin & Ninna GIBSON
    Marlborough, UK

  • Thank you Jacinto and Mariana. I expected to come to a good hotel, but instead arrived to your beautiful home where you made me feel part of it. It has been superb.

    Danny & Lillan WYLER
    London, UK

  • We really loved our stay here. It was something else ! This place is beautiful, a dream coming true !

    Shulamit RADIN
    Hasharon, Israel

  • Thank you for letting us share the very special atmosphere of your Hacienda. We very much enjoyed it and will never forget this "other side" of Ecuador.

    Pierrette and Michael GODDARD
    London, UK

  • This will count as one of the most memorable times of our travels. We will hold the enchanting beauty, romance and above all the warm and gracious hospitality in our memories and hearts. Thank you so much !

    Dr. Chai & Katharine PATEL
    Oxshott, Surrey, UK

  • Audrey and I have returned home to our usual lives here in Colorado, but have wonderful memories (and pictures) of our trip to Ecuador. We loved visiting your country and getting to know so many nice people in the process. Certainly, one of the highlights was staying at Hacienda Chillo Jijon!
    Thank you so much for you warm and gracious hospitality, especially waiting to serve us dinner at 1:00 am when we first arrived. Our stay with you was the perfect culmination to our Ecuadorian adventure. I hope we will be able to return in the future.

    Denver, CO, USA